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Hi! I am Jonathan and I am passionate about

urban design



web design


Currently a master student at the Laval University School of Architecture where I am keen on developing my skills in architectural design, analysis and critical thinking. Also, I’ve taken up a lot from Italy where I completed my Bachelor Degree at the Università degli Studi di Genova.

My journey began with the PROTIC program – which embellished me with the skills and tools necessary to find a passion for architecture through 3D modelling. Afterwards, I resumed my training with a technical degree as an architectural technologist at Lévis-Lauzon college where I managed to develop my critical thinking and my technical resolution to issues concerning various elements related to the construction of a building.

In Italy, I’ve managed to acquire a feel of an effective urban organization  – intertwining the macro and micro scale has shown that it’s important to take care of the urban environment and connect spacial gaps by not offering only “just” a simple concept of belonging and being, but also to be able to offer an entire solution which is transcending towards human scalability.

Infatuated by the architectural domain – I have to admit that the learning experience is perpetual.
I’m motivated by the design of innovative spaces where the technical side of the project goes hand in hand with the conception. A project should always consider constructive limits without losing its essence because of them, and, should please equally by its design. It should create spaces and emphasize the attention to detail which has been brought upon it.



Concept Development.
CAD Management.
Graphic Design.
Web Design.


Offices / Firms
Amiot et Bergeron architectes
Alpha Architecture
Atelier Pierre Thibault
Ministry of Economy, Government

Anne Faucher Designer Inc.


Master of Architecture
Université Laval, Qc, Canada (current)

Bachelor of Architecture
Università degli studi di Genova, Ge, Italy
Université Laval, Qc, Canada

Architectural Technologist
Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon, Qc, Canada



Let's work together

I am always looking forward for a new project. It can be architectural conception, photo-realistic render or the production of illustrations to sell a project.


ADDRESSQuébec, Qc, Canada
PHONE+1 581 748 9250

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