la vitrine

The house is located in a natural environment, respecting the constraint of a ground area of ​​90m2. Fictitious customers were a writer and the curator of an art museum. The integration of a writing space and an exhibition space were at the center of the project.

The house establishes itself in adequacy with the site by offering a more closed facade at the edge of the forest and a more open facade on the opposite side by offering a breathtaking view on the property and the river.

The architectural project is a showroom at a building scale, where from the entrance, we find ourselves in the center of a multi-season space framing the nature while letting it penetrate inside (smell, wind, light). This transition space used for vertical circulation also houses a relaxation area for reading and a library located under the stairs.

The strolling then continues towards the living spaces located at an indefinite limit between inside and outside. This space which expands according to the seasons, is bordered by a solid and rhythmic mass sheltering specific works of art of the owners. This intervention makes it possible to energize the corridor and breathe in a museum atmosphere. Outside, the same massive element is taken over at different levels, and can be used as a bench, barbecue base and a fireplace.

Upstairs, the spaces are more opaque on the long sides, offering visual breakthroughs in the circulation axis. The office extends from the inside to the outside and allows a sensory interaction with the tree.

SCHOOLUniversité Laval
COURSE2nd Studio
TYPEIndividual Work