The art gallery is a frank intervention in the urban skyline of St-Roch district in Quebec City (Canada). The monolith created, is mysterious and intriguing thus, it arouses interest and poses questions. The use of perforated brushed steel panels makes it possible to vary the transparency and emphasize it in key places. The monolith anchored on its mineral base seems to clash with the existing built environment not being parallel with the street. The monolith is more in line with the Victor Revillon street offering a transversal visual opening in its center to give users a view piercing through the core of the art gallery. The different positioning of catwalks in the space makes the experience unique and playful.

The architectural concept is articulated around two volumes inserted in the purity of the main cube. The two additions thus slid together include rental spaces, artist residencies and exhibition spaces.

The four exhibition spaces/halls are all equally different: a vertical showroom on 5 floors, a large room divisible in the basement that is artificially lit, a double height room and a zenithal lit room. Each of those rooms offers a different approach to the use of concrete, aluminum and gypsum.

SCHOOLUniversité Laval
COURSE4th Studio
TYPEIndividual Work