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Today’s approach to office design and layout is to offer as much open space as possible on the grounds that it would facilitate human interactions. According to a Harvard study by Ethan S. Bernstein, open space offices (without walls and doors) can decrease human interactions and the overall productivity. It was established that the real synergy actually happens in closed off spaces relative to the main open space.

This proposal offers a peculiar perspective on office layouts by going back to the fundamentals exposed by the 1929 Barcelona Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe and applying those fundamentals to the workplace of the future. In an attempt to break the mold, the Barcelona Pavilion demonstrates spaces that are skillfully deconstructed along axes to create semi-enclosed spaces with different viewpoints.

In order to rejuvenate the workplace of today, we just removed all the walls : going from an extreme to another. This proposal exposes a solution for the future by looking back to find a new direction.

TypeTravail Individuel
LocalisationBarcelone, Espagne